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Portable Air Conditioners, Spot Coolers and Heat Pumps

When your facility temperature control goes haywire, and technicians are unable to repair your primary building HVAC equipment quickly, Porta-Air is here to help alleviate your crisis and get your environment back to normal. Temporary air conditioning or heat pumps are available in various capacities and voltages and readily available from small mobile units to large skid mounted equipment. If it’s a temporary or permanent installation, we can provide a quote for rental or purchase. If your budget is low, spot cooling or spot heating can be implemented to focus on specific areas where climate control is critical. Please call us at (888)519-1422 or email us at [email protected] for expert advice.

Equipment Rentals, Sales, and Service

Porta-Air Provides MovinCool, Koldwave, Kwikool, Climatemp, and Oceanaire Portable Air Conditioning Products 24/7 Including Turnkey Installation.


Equipment Rentals, Sales, and Service

Porta-Air, Inc. offers USA Made Restoration Rentals and Sales Products which include Dehumidifiers, HEPA Air Scrubbers, Negative Air Machines, Fans, Heaters, and Water Extraction Equipment Throughout the Midwest.


Rentals, Sales and Service

Porta-Air, Inc., Provides Heater Rentals and Sales which include Heat Pumps, Direct Fired, InDirect Fired and Electric Heaters.

Heat Pumps

Portable Heat Pump units combine both heating and cooling in a single, self-contained package, mostly used for commercial and industrial applications. With the ability to provide both cooling and heating functions, portable air-cooled HPs are designed for permanent or temporary spot cooling or heating applications. Portable heat rental units are an excellent choice for supplemental heating such as daycare centers, offices and retail environments, hospitals, government, and schools. “Movincool Climate Pro D Heat Pump ”, “Oceanaire 2OACH Deluxe Heating and Cooling Heat Pump”, "Climatemp CPTH Heat Pump", "Kwikool KPHP Heat Pump", or “Koldwave 5WK Water Cooled Heat Pump ” mobile HP units are available for rent or purchase. Compressor driven, portable HP unit rentals provide the safest and most efficient form of heating. Heat Pump rental equipment provides 100% clean air and is up to 3 times as efficient as electric powered resistive heaters. When the air-cooled HP or water-cooled HP is in the heat mode, one can touch the discharge outlet without the worry of receiving a burn. The outlet temperature of a HP is like your home register discharge temperature (cool to the touch) and quiet too. Heating cool spots in the winter safely, using a unitary air-cooled heat pump or water-cooled heat pump is where Porta-Air, Inc. can help resolve your climate control issues! Don’t be left in the cold or heat, purchase or rent heat pump equipment today!

Electric Heaters

Porta-Air offers portable electric heater rentals. Warm up any space with these compact and powerful heaters. Electric resistive forced air heaters are available for rent or purchase designed for your home, office, or industry. Electric Heaters supply 100% clean heat without emitting dangerous pollutants or poisonous gases. Porta-Air rents electric heat units, which have low watt density tubular heating elements, enabling safety and prolonged heater life. Heater elements and fan are encased within a powder coated sheet metal cabinet, providing another layer of added protection. Industrial and Commercial rental heaters range in size from 1.5 kW to 150 kW with voltages ranging from of 115 V thru 480 V. Large temporary electric heaters can be ducted, while the small portable electric room heater or space heaters are free discharge. Electrical hookup is available upon request. Please reference our electric heater specifications, located under the technical pulldown at the top of our website for additional information. If you require “Electric Heat for Rent” please call us today!

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Porta-Air Inc., is located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. We have decades of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial rental services, specializing in spot cooling, heating solutions, and restoration.

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Our team is experienced and professional. We can tackle any problem and recommend an immediate solution.

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Porta-Air provides Turnkey installation of new or temporary rental units. We offer trade-ins of your old temporary spot cooling or heating equipment and apply it towards your new purchase. Our pricing is competitive, fair, and we negotiate to meet your budget. We have decades of experience in the Climate Control Rental and Sales industry, which specialize in portable air conditioning, temporary heating and restoration. Our team is experienced and professional. We can tackle any problem and recommend an immediate comfort solution. Our service includes rentals, sales and service of portable equipment throughout the Midwest. We are focused on delivering the highest quality Spot Cooler, Dehumidifiers, HEPA Air Scrubbers and/or Heaters, for any Residential, Commercial or Industrial application. We understand the importance of your comfort, and we can be your provider of choice by phoning Porta-Air today.

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Our pricing is competitive, fair, and we negotiate to meet your budget.