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Frequently Asked Questions.

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There are several articles floating around on the best remedy to combat Covid. It is rather confusing with no "smoking gun" solution. The more you read, the more confusing it becomes. HEPA filtration is one of the safest and most effective solutions to scrub the air of airborne diseases. Phoenix products go through vigorous testing and are rated at the top. They recently added a antimicrobial filter to the HEPA R 500 to increase the efficiency above and beyond the competition. Please call us today for rental or purchase.

The use of a self-contained portable AC unit is two-fold. It both heats and removes moisture from the air. An air conditioner removes slower than an dehumidifiers but you get two functions with the same unit.

Depending on the degree of wetness you have, different situations apply to how many times you want to cycle the air in your space. Other factors to consider are the surrounding temperature in the space as well as the power available. You may need one or several dehumidifiers, depending on the circumstances. We are one call away to come up with a plan and peace of mind at (888)519-1422.

In order to dry effectively and efficiently, removal of water (Water extractors, Dehumidifiers or Air conditioners), temperature (Heating), air movement (Fans) and filtration (HEPA air scrubbers) may be necessary to prevent the formation of mold and mildew. It all depends on your level of water contamination. Heated air carries more moisture, which accelerates the drying process. Fans provide more air movement thus picking up more moisture. HEPA air scrubbers, purify the air. While dehumidifiers and air conditioners all remove the moisture contained in the air.

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