Direct Fired Heater Rental

Direct fired heaters Rentals

Open flame, direct fired heaters are rented or sold in propane, natural gas, or diesel. Direct Fired Heaters are ideal for areas where a lot of heat is required. The fan airflow is in direct contact with the flame which discharges heated air at high temperatures to the surroundings. Direct fired heaters are commonly used for construction projects, breeze ways, food industry, mining industry, petrochemical industry, outdoor tents, manufacturing, or where a huge amount of heat is needed. Direct fired heat is commonly used on construction sites where there is adequate fresh air and heat can be recirculated. If fresh air into the space being heated is not available, the return of the heater can bring in outdoor makeup air to pressurize the building space, which provides evenly distributed heating throughout the area. In some cases, direct fired discharge heat can be ducted using high temperature ductwork. Direct fired heaters range in size from 80,000 Btu’s/Hr. through 1.5 million Btu's/Hr. If your heating demand is larger than 1.5 million, larger units can be purchased up to 7 million Btu’s/Hr.

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