Air Cooled Portable Spot Cooler Rentals

Portable air conditioner rentals: Air Cooled

Porta-Air offers air-cooled units in various capacities, voltages, models, and manufacturers. Both PAC (Electrical/Mechanical controls) and 2OAC (Solid-State controls) spot cooler units are offered as rentals or for purchase in various voltages. Movincool Climate Pro indoor air rental units are offered in tonnages ranging from 1 thru 5 tons available in both a "K" or "X" series. The "K" series is designed for medium temperature applications such as offices or server rooms. The "X" series is designed for higher ambient conditions such as industrial or warehouse spot cooling applications. If an outdoor ambient unit is needed, Movincool offers Classic Series units available in nominal 3- and 5-ton cooling capacities. Other larger outdoor approved units are also available.

All mentioned self-contained air-cooled portable spot cooler units use air/refrigerant to absorb or reject the heat from the indoor side to the outdoor side of the AC system. Air cooled portable AC equipment can be located either inside or outside the room to be cooled. Depending on your equipment cooling setup, air must be diverted differently. If the self-contained portable air-cooled unit setup is located inside the space being cooled, the hot air must be discharged through a duct elsewhere outside the space being conditioned. If a self-contained portable air conditioning unit is located outside the space that is being cooled, the evaporator air (cool air) must be ducted into the room to properly cool. Common applications for spot cooler rentals are office spaces, retail stores, server rooms, special events, restaurants, bars, manufacturing areas, processes, wine cellars, clean air rooms, schools, etc.

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