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Sizing of a portable air conditioning unit for an indoor space is rather simple. A standard rule of thumb is to use 400 square feet per 1 ton (12,000 Btu/Hr) of portable cooling. So, if you have a room that is 20 feet wide by 30 feet long, you multiply 20 feet times 30 feet and come up with 600 feet. This equates to a 1.5 ton (18,000 Btu/Hr) portable spot cooling unit. This is assuming that the ceiling is 8 to 9 feet high and there are no other heat loads in the room except standard desktop computers and general lighting.

If your application is more complicated, which involves equipment that generates a lot of heat, such as large printers, motors, computer room servers, medical equipment, large gatherings, please give Porta-Air a call to help you find a quick portable air solution. Porta-Air, Inc. has decades of experience and expertise. Porta-Air is available 24/7 to answer your call, since we understand the importance of your comfort.

Depending on the size of the space, different voltages may be required. Portable AC emergency spot coolers require an independent power source to maintain proper operation without tripping the circuit breaker. Therefore, an existing independent utility power source is required when connecting a Mobile AC unit. If your office space is 400 to 600 square feet usually a 110V outlet is adequate. If your space is larger, a higher voltage may be required unless you use two or more standard, 110 V, plug-in the wall units. If a higher voltage is required for a larger portable AC, we have you covered. Porta-Air provides turnkey installation. We can provide independent power to your unit without the hassle of calling an electrical contractor. We provide all contractor services. We are not a drop and go company. We value the comfort of our customers and provide immediate comfort solutions.

When an air cooled, spot cooling, portable unit cannot be vented to expel the heat from the space, we offer a water cooled portable option. Water cooled units are much smaller in size and expel the heat picked up from the space through the water supply. Sometimes water cooled units are mistakenly confused with evaporative coolers which add humidity to the space. Our water-cooled units only remove humidity from the space. The water supply is never in contact with the air being cooled. If piping to the water cooled unit is required, Porta-Air has you covered. We provide temporary piping to the unit without the hassle of contacting a plumbing contractor.

On the other hand, if an air-cooled portable unit can be properly vented to remove the heat from the space, a self-contained portable air-cooled unit is the mobile-air conditioning unit of choice. Flexible ductwork is often installed to expel the heat above a drop ceiling, through a window or diverted to another space. Our Porta-Air team provides the necessary portable unit ducting too optimize the climate control conditions of your space.

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