HEPA System/Scrubber/Negative Air Machine For Rent

HEPA Scrubbers and Negative Air Machine
Porta-Air, Inc. offers scrubbers ranging from 500 to 1400 CFM which meet HEPA requirements of 99.97% particulant removal rate per ASME and U.S. DOE testing standards

Porta-Air offers both the Phoenix Guardian R HEPA & Phoenix Guardian HEPA Systems.

The Guardian R HEPA, designed to operate horizontally or vertically, is the most compact, portable (25 foot extension cord), True HEPA air filtration device made measuring 22" W x 24" L x 14'H. Its energy-efficient (2.4 amps), variable airflow (250 - 500CFM), roto mold design is durable, lightweight (33#'s) and stackable. Whether used as an air scrubber or negative air machine, the Phoenix Guardian R HEPA System has been independently tested to verify True HEPA performance of not just the filter but of the entire device. The large 16-inch diameter inlet maximizes the capture zone. NEW as of June 2020: In addition to HEPA performance, the Patented antimicrobial filter media destroys up to 99.49% of target viruses and bacteria (using oxidation), while removing toxic and harmful gases from the air.

The Guardian HEPA can perform several critical air quality remediation functions simultaneously. The Guardian HEPA System, 1400 CFM, captures virtually all removable airborne particles. The optional 4-stage absorption filter contains a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate to remove airborne odors and chemicals. The Guardian’s high airflow and multiple ducting options allow for the combination of negative or positive air flow control of an area and containment air scrubbing at the same time. Every Guardian HEPA System comes with one 14″ lay-flat duct ring, for 100% negative air operation, and two 10″ lay-flat duct rings for a combination of negative air, air scrubbing or positive airflow.

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