Portable Heat Pump Rental – Air & Water Cooled

Portable air conditioner rentals: Heat Pump

Porta-Air, Inc., offers heat pump rental units in sizes ranging from 1-5 tons. Portable heat pumps are offered for rental or purchase in different brands and voltages. Movincool (Climate Pro D series), Oceanaire (2OACH deluxe series), Climatemp (CPTH), Kwikool (KPHP series), and Koldwave (5WK series) heat pumps deliver both heating and cooling to the space depending on the thermostat setting. A self-contained HP can be used in multiple applications where both heating and cooling are required for climate control. A heat pump, in the heat mode, is an alternative to a resistive type of heater which consumes much more power. A Heat Pump Rental is ideal for locations with hot spots in the summer and cool spots in the winter. If you rent heat pumps between seasons, an auto mode automatically switches between heating and cooling depending on the selected thermostat setpoint.

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