Portable Heat Pumps deliver both heating and cooling without the need for resistive heating elements! The unit can be set to Fan, Cool or Heat. On some units, there is a feature for automatic mode which switches between heating and cooling, automatically, to control a set temperature. Also, some units have a moisture control mode. Compressor type portable heat pumps from Porta-Air are the most economical way to heat the air, given that it is the correct application. Heat pumps incorporate a reversing valve which reverse the cooling and heating coils to preform heating or cooling functions depending on your setpoint temperature and mode setting. Air cooled heat pumps are normally used as a secondary source of heat and not as the primary source of heat. A typical application for air cooled heat pumps are commercial buildings where there are locations which do not receive enough heat from the primary system. Another common application for an air-cooled heat pump is when doors are continually being opened and closed allowing cold air to enter the building.
On the other hand, water source heat pumps can be used as a primary source of heat since it is extracting heat from water which is at a relatively constant temperature. Heat pumps are available in capacities ranging from 7,000 to 53,500 Btu’s/Hr. and are all on casters for easy mobility. Please call today for your free consultation.

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