Electric Heater Rental

Electric heaters Rentals

Electric portable heaters are one of the cleanest, and generally one of the safest forms of heat offered. Available power often dictates the size of your temporary electric heater rental selection. A thermostat controls the heat output which is protected by breakers and redundant overheat thermostats. Electric heat is available in various voltages and phases ranging from 115 V through 480 V power. Heat Wagon, LB White and Patron electric heaters, rental, or purchase are available in 1.5kW, 3kW, 6kW, 9kW, 18kW, 40kW & 60kW with larger kW heat outputs available. The heat output ranges from 5,100 through 512,000 Btu’s. Electric temporary heating can be ducted or free discharged into the targeted area. Heavy duty cables are available for long runs from the power distribution center to where the electric heater rental equipment is located. Applications include commercial, industrial and construction sites. There are many portable electric heater rental options available. Control your environment and stay warm with these powerful heaters. Contact us today to purchase or rent electric heat and to verify availability.

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