InDirect Fired Heater Rental

Indirect fired heaters Rentals

Indirect fired propane, natural gas or diesel fired heaters are ideal for areas that are tightly enclosed with little outdoor air infiltration. With an indirect fired heater, the air is not in direct contact with the flame, therefore 100% clean, safe, forced air heat is provided. Indirect fired heaters are less efficient than direct fired heat since the contaminated byproducts of the flame are being discharged outdoors through the flue pipe in the form of heat. The recirculated heated air and combustion gas flame air are in separate enclosed chambers or heat exchangers, providing clean safe heated air to the surroundings, such as your furnace in your home. When indirect fired heaters are installed indoors, the flue pipe needs to be hard piped outdoors. If the indirect fired heater needs to be placed outdoors, the clean air can be ducted in and out of the area being heated. Common applications include retail spaces, construction sites, hospitals, universities, chemical production industry, residential homes, or any location where 100% clean, safe heat is required. Indirect fired heaters range in sizes from 170,000 Btu’s through 2 million Btu's/Hr.

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