Dehumidifiers - Desiccant and LGR Rentals

Dehumidifiers - Desiccant and LGR Rentals
Porta-Air, Inc. offers dehumidifiers for high, medium, and low temperature applications.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are available which range from 130 to 3536 pints of removal per day per AHAM. Desiccants dehumidifiers outperform LGR dehumidifiers at lower ambient temperatures. These units are ideal for drying low evaporation materials such as concrete, brick, plaster, and hardwoods. A desiccant wheel picks up the moisture from the area being dried through the process side of the equipment. The desiccant wheel is dried by a heater on the reactivation side of the unit, then the moist reactivation air is driven elsewhere outside the space which eliminates the need for a condensate pump. Some of the smaller desiccant models can be operated horizontally or vertically. The smaller desiccant, 130-pint removal machine, requires (2) 115 V outlets while other larger desiccant models require 208/230 V or 480 V service.

Porta-Air offers several smaller LGR dehumidifiers which remove moisture at a rate of 80 to 145 pints per day at AHAM conditions depending on the model selected. LGR's dehu's incorporate a compressor, comparable to an AC system but with modified internal components to remove moisture from the surrounding area. All units offered operate off a standard wall outlet, come standard with a 25-foot cord, and incorporate an internal condensate pump. The LGR's offered are compact, equipped with wheels for easy mobility, and mostly constructed of Rotomold plastic. Certain models are offered with Bluetooth technology and a free DryLink mobile application for data logging.

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