Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioning Rentals

Portable air conditioner rentals: Water Cooled

Porta-Air, Inc., offers water cooled units in sizes ranging from 1-5 tons. PWC and OWC are offered for rental or purchase in different sizes and voltages. A water (liquid) cooled system rejects the heat picked up from the space through a water supply which is then released into a drain, chiller or closed loop system such as a cooling tower. The water is supplied through high pressure flexible hoses that are connected to a water source from a cooling tower, chiller or water supply. If preferred, the water lines can be hard-piped. A water cooled unit is used when an air cooled system is not an option. Water cooled portable units are more compact than air cooled systems since there is one fan motor, and the water cooled condenser is much smaller. Common applications for the water cooled units are restaurants, bars or where space is limited. When hot air cannot easily be extracted from the space, a water cooled option may be your only option of choice. 

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